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Ten Things About Red Chilli Powder You Were Just Unaware Of

Red chilli powder is an essential component of almost every cuisine across the world whether its Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Korean or Italian. The powder is essentially made by crushing the dried red chillies of various types and hence, there are various types of red chilli powder available in the market depending upon what type of red chilli is used in preparing it.

Just think about the red chilli and one thing that comes to your mind is its eye-watering hot flavor and mouth-burning spiciness. Have you known that there’s much more that red chillies give you than just that?

The red chillies have capsaicin, the main bio active plant compound responsible for pungent unique taste in them. However, this essential component along with other rich components instills several health benefits in its consumers. So, what are these health benefits of red chillies or the powder made from them? Let’s Learn.

Ten Ways Red Chilli Powder Benefits You

  1. Helps in Digestion

Red chili peppers have got a little portion of fiber in them. Hence, when consumed they ease digestion by increasing the secretion of gastric juices leading to enhanced peristaltic motion. Having proper amounts of red chili powder in your food also helps prevent stomach conditions like constipation and ulcers.

  1. Maintains Blood Pressure

Healthy blood pressure levels in your body are maintained when the potassium and sodium contents are right. When your body has more potassium than sodium or the right potassium sodium ratio, the blood vessels are in a relaxed state and this helps in maintaining the blood pressure levels of the body. Chili powder as such has got higher potassium content than sodium. It’s really good for your blood pressure.

  1. Builds Immunity & Fights Infections

Red chili powder is rich in Vitamin C, the essential antioxidant that strengthens one’s immune system and increases their ability to fight infections. It eliminates cancer-causing radicals from one’s body and protects it from serious health conditions like cancer and heart diseases.

  1. Forms New Blood Cells

Chillies are also good source of iron and protein which help in formation of new blood cells. Consumption of red chillies on a regular basis can thus improve your blood cell formation and prevent health hazards like anemia, muscular weakness and fatigue.

  1. Keeps Eyes Healthy

Have you known that the red chili powder in your food is also one of the reasons for your good eyesight? Yes, the red hot chili has good amounts of Vitamin A in it. With one tablespoon of red chili powder in your food you are satisfying nearly 9% of vitamin A need of the body. This, hence, improves one’s sight and prevents night blindness to an extent in the human beings.

  1. Improves Hemoglobin Production

Iron content in red chilies promotes hemoglobin production and thus, enhances blood flow in one’s body. It enhances flow of fresh blood to the infected parts and hence, fights body infections along with leukocytes and white blood cells which battle out the viruses.

  1. Improves Your Skin & Hair Texture

Collagen is an essential protein present in hair and skin. Our body creates and maintains collagen with Vitamin C. On the other hand, Vitamin A helps in boosting up the sebum production that keeps hair moisturized and in good condition. Vitamin E which is an excellent antioxidant promotes blood circulation in scalp thereby leading to hair growth. Hence, with red chili powder, you are taking in required proportions of Vitamin A, E and C essential for your skin and hair care.

  1. Reduces Chances of Developing Harmful Health Conditions

The essential health-promoting nutrients in red chilli powder can reduce the chances of developing serious health hazards like cancer, heart stroke, diabetes, asthma, chronic lung or nasal congestion, atherosclerosis, arthritis etc. It’s valuable vitamins take care of your bones, teeth, internal membranes, skin, hair and reproductive system.

  1. Detoxifies The Body

Chilli powder is a good detoxifier with essential B vitamins. It helps flush out toxins and waste products from the body thereby cleaning it from inside for good health. It improves nutrient supply to the tissues and promotes metabolic activity thereby leading to healthy weight loss.

  1. Helps in Dealing with Osteoarthritis

Chili powder has got excellent anti-inflammation properties that help in reducing joint soreness and improves blood flow to them. Hence, chili powder can help you deal good with conditions like osteoarthritis as well.

Hence, till now you would have consumed red chillies or added red chili powder in your food, just to suffice your taste buds with hot or spicy tingling flavor. But, now you know that you are just adding up for your good health with every spoon of red chili powder in your food. However, just as said, everything is good in limit and the same implies for red chillies as well. So, consider the right portion of red chili powder in your food for the ultimate health benefits.