Pramoda Exim Corporation is one of the leading company chili pepperin exporters, suppliers, manufacturers CHILI PEPPER in India. I am export like chilli pepper,chiley,hottest peper,hottest chili, dried red chillies,dried chile peppers,capsicum pepper,peper spice,dry red chillies,chilli peppe,chilli and pepper,fresh red chili peper,chilli capsicum,red dried chillies,the hottest chili peppr,peper chilli., Teja is also having another name called as S17 red chilli. It has the highest hotness chilly while comparing with other Red Pepper in India. It has the place of production next to 334 chiles Variety in India. It can use for as following

  • Red Chilies powder
  • Chilly oil
  • Chillie Capsicum


Red Chili pepper Product Specification:

Product Name : Teja/S17
Style : Dried
Flavour : High spicy
Color : Red
Pungency in SHU : 75000-100000 (Heat)
Colour in ASTA : 40-60 max
Length : 5-6 max
Breath : 0.8-1.3 max
Skin : Thin
Capsaicin content in % : 0.50-0.70 max
Pods with Stalks : 1% maximum
Broken Chilies : 2% maximum
Loose Seeds : 1% maximum
Damaged & Discolored pods : 1% maximum
Foreign Material : 1% maximum
Moisture : 14% maximum
Quality : A/C Best
Origin : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Packing Details : 5,10,15,20,25 & 40 kg Cartoon/Jute/pp


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