Known for its distinguished aroma and flavor, cumin or jeera is an essential kitchen spice for sure, especially of the Indian kitchens. The invaluable condiment is used in curries, seasonings and variety of food preparations. It promotes digestion, improves blood sugar control while reducing the food-borne illnesses. Hence, it’s a healthy spice that also flavors food to its best.

At Pramoda Exim Corporation, we are the leading Cumin exporters and prominent suppliers of Cumin seeds in India. Our wide spread network and efficient team ensures all our orders are delivered on time and without hassles. We take up all cumin spice requirements of our customers be it for grounded cumin or cumin powder and whole cumin seeds. Our prices are reasonable and hence, will not cut your pockets in a name of quality or convenient delivery. Just contact us for cumin seeds export or cumin powder supply any time.


Product Specifications

Product : Cumin seed
Moisture : 10% max
Purity : 99% to 100%
Machine : Clean & Sorted Clean
Origin : India


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