Sorghum Grain

Sorghum, also called milo or great millet, is a highly valued grain that provides a lot of protein and fiber to the body. Whole grain sorghum can be added to cooked dishes, snacks, salads or can even be had like a roti to fulfill one’s requirements of digestive fiber in their diet. This gluten-free cereal grain is full of antioxidants and phytochemicals that have numerous health benefits. One of the best advantage of having sorghum whole grains in diet is that this helps in improving one’s digestive levels and moreover, also is good substitution for gluten-based cereals like wheat. As high in fiber, it also keeps you full for longer time and is hence considered a good choice of cereal to have for those looking to lose weight.

At Pramoda Exim Corporation, we source high quality whole sorghum grains in bulk and almost any quantity requirements as required by our customers. We are the leading sorghum grain exporters and wholesalers in India. What makes us the prominent suppliers of sorghum in India is the fact that we source sorghum or milo seeds to any part of the world within the timelines promised. We have a streamlined work process that makes it easier for us to source any kind of requirement without hassles. Our prices are reasonable and won’t cut your pockets for sure. So, contact us now for whole sorghum or milo grains.


Product Specifications:

Moisture : 12% max
Protein : 9 to 10% min
Foreign Matter : 1% min
Other Food Grain : 1% Max
Discoloured : 1% max
Broken : 1% max
Crop : New Year
Origin : India


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