Wrinkled 273

Wrinkled 273 dried red chillies are highly in demand in continents like Asia, Europe and also Canada. The magnificent red color, mouth-watering aroma and medium pungency is what makes this chilli so admirable among the spice lovers. For those who prefer less spiciness in their food can opt for wrinkled 273.

The major production of wrinked 273 dry red chillies comes from Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh and we, at Pramoda Exim get you the best and original variety of wrinkled dried red chillies directly from its land of production. Our quality controllers apply their knowledge and efforts to bring out the best range of wrinkled 273 red chillies for our customers. We offer two variants of wrinkle 273 red chillies – one is with the stem and other comes without stem. Whatever you need and whichever quantity, we can source you the best in any form and that too without hassles.


Product specifications:

Product Name : chillies S-273
Style : Dried
Drying process : Sun Dry (SD)
Color : Red
Pungency in SHU : 10000-20000 (Heat)
Colour in ASTA : 50-90 Max
Length : 10-12 max
Breath : 1.2-1.4 max
Skin : Thin
Capsaicin content in % : 0.5-0.9 max
Pods with Stalks : 1% maximum
Broken Chilies : 2% maximum
Loose Seeds : 2% maximum
Damaged & Discolored pods : 1% maximum
Foreign Material : 1% maximum
Moisture : 14% maximum
Quality : A/C Best
Origin : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Packing Details : 2 kg,3 kg,5 kg,10 kg,15 kg,20 kg,25 kg & 40 kg Cartoon/Jute/PP


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