India is one of the largest producers of fenugreek in the world. The exotic spice herb is valued globally for its nutritional profile and medicinal properties. Its widespread adoption in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries makes up for its huge demand in international sectors. Fenugreek seeds, popularly known as methi seeds in India have been used since ages for treatment of various health conditions like skin problems, appetite disorders, weight reduction, hair problems, breast milk production, diabetes, inflammation, heartburns and much more.

Helping everyone to get their hands on this valuable herb, we, Pramoda Exim Corporation source the best quality fenugreek seeds from India to meet the requirements of our customers. We can supply fenugreek or methi seeds in bulk or any customized requirements anywhere across the world. We adhere to the timelines and have a streamlined work approach that enables us to source fenugreek seeds to our customers without any hassles. Just contact us anytime to place a customized order for your fenugreek seeds requirement.


Product Specification

Moisture content : 10%max
Total ash : 1% max
Acid-insoluble ash : 1.5% max
Cold water-soluble extract : 30%max


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