Turmeric, also known as the golden spice has been used since ages for applications like food, dyeing, medicine etc. Bright yellow in color, this valuable condiment has got immense healing properties and is also rich in essential nutrients required for our body. Have you known that when turmeric is used in daily diet, it satisfies good proportions of our daily needs of iron, potassium, vitamin C and manganese.

While ground fresh turmeric and whole turmeric are largely used in kitchen to flavor and color food stuff, the dried turmeric is used in brine pickles, mayonnaise, gelatin, butter, cheese and various relishing items. Curcumin is the main active ingredient of turmeric that makes the spice prominent for use of coloring and dyeing needs. Hence, turmeric is widely used in textile industries as coloring agent.

However, the essential role of turmeric since ages lies in medical arena as an invaluable healing agent, stomachic, blood purifier and antiseptic. Various medicinal oils and ointments are prepared with turmeric as an essential ingredient.

Pramoda Exim Corporation, the leading turmeric suppliers, exporters and manufacturers in India can thus help you get this valuable spice according to your requirements through a hassle-free process. Whatever be your need, whether its commercial or for your daily home requirements, we can supply you the best quality turmeric at affordable price. We have all sorts of turmeric to suffice your needs including whole turmeric, turmeric finger from Guntur, grounded fresh turmeric or turmeric powder and dried turmeric. Just place an order with us and we promise you will not regret your decision.


Product Details:

Product Name : Turmeric Finger
Moisture : 11%max
Verities : finger/bulbs
Grade : polished/unpolished
Length : 70% of turmeric should be more than 3 cm in length


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