Red chilli flakes or red pepper flakes are nothing but the crushed form of the red peppers or red chillies. These are widely used in food preparations to add a mint of spiciness and a hot peppery flavour. Sauces, soups, pickles and curries get the touch of chilli flakes most often.

Pramoda Exim Corporation supplies the best form of crushed red pepper all over the world. We are the major exporters of finest quality red chilli flakes to countries like USA and Europe. We can supply red pepper flakes to match variant hotness, color and flavouring needs. We mostly source red chilli flakes in 10 to 25 kg bags and can also supply them in customized quantity requirements as per customer order. So, contact us now to get best quality, impurity free chilli flakes right from Guntur.



Product Name : Red pepper flakes
Moisture : 10% to 12% Max
Shu (hotness) : 8,000 to 90,000 max
Flake size : 2 mm to 4 mm
Asta (color value) : 40 to 140 max
Ash : 0.5% max
Sudan : 1, 2, 3&4,
Aflatoxin : 5 PPB
Discoloured : 1% max
Crop : New Year crop
Origin : India
Packing : 10kgs / 25kgs in PP bag


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