Mustard Seeds

Mustard comes in various forms; but the three of them – black, yellow and white or brown varieties are widely used. While black mustard seeds are popular in India, yellow or brown varieties are widely used in United States and other countries where sea food is widely consumed. The small, round seeds are used either as whole or in grounded form. With sharp, pungent and earthy flavor, mustard seeds or powder can add an exotic flavor to the food preparations be it curries, meat dishes, sausages and more.

Mustard seeds are packed with fiber, minerals, omega-3 acids and other valuable nutrients essential for human body. Hence, whole mustard seeds in India are usually used in curries to add a healthy touch along with flavor the food.

At Pramoda Exim Corporation, we can source the best quality mustard seeds in whatever quantity requirements needed. We are the leading suppliers and exporters of mustard seeds in India and hence, source mustard seeds across the globe through a streamlined process. Our widespread network and hassle-free delivery approach gives our customers the maximum convenience of getting product delivered to their doorsteps with ease while avoiding any kind of delays. So, contact us now for ordering mustard seeds from us at reasonable price.


Product introduction:

Product Name : Rapeseed mustard seed
Impurities/foreign matter : 2%max
Admixture with other types : 3%max
Moisture : 9% max
Damaged & weeviled : 2% max
Unripe, Shriveled or immature : 2% max
Small atrophied seeds : 5%max

Product Specification:

Product : Mustard seeds
Impurities/foreign matter : 1% max
Admixture with other types : 8% max
Damaged goods : 1%max
Crop : fresh
Quality & Price : Super quality and low price
Place of origin : India
Assurance : Quality assurance
Delivery : Delivery in time
Cleaned : Good cleaned
Export : High-quality export mustard
Human : Good for human


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