Cloves, on one hand are valued for their pleasant aroma and flavor that they add to the food and on other hand, they are appreciated for their invaluable oral health benefits. These grow as reddish small flower buds on the trees of Myrtaceae family. These trees grow 8 to 10 meters high and it takes nearly six long years for them to start flowering.

The clusters are hand plucked and the fully developed buds are sun dried. The unopened buds, leaves and stalks are used in preparation of clove essential oil that has invaluable medicinal properties.

At Pramoda Exim Corporation, we are the leading exporters and suppliers of cloves in India, sourcing the invaluable spice all over the world. We can supply the best quality cloves irrespective of quantity you need and just according to your requirements. Our hassle-free process and timely delivery methods make the best in the industry for spice supply and export. Hence, you can surely rely on us for any requirement of spice delivery. Just contact us for buying cloves in bulk or according to your needs.


Product Details

Commodity : Clove
Harvest : Fresh Crop
Colour : Brown
Odour : Characteristic
Quality : Handpicked clean
Size : Homogeneous g3
Shipment : Within 10 days after signing of sale contact
Origin of place : Madagascar
Moisture : 10% – 11% max
Stems : 1% – 3% max
Baby cloves : 3% max
Packing : 25 kg and 50 kg bag

Specification of products

Commodity : Clove
Moisture : 10% max
Size : homogeneous cg3
Colour : brown
Quality : Handpicked clean
Crop : 2018
Stems : 2% – 4%max
Packing : 50 kg bag
Minimum quantity : 1 x 20 Fcl (average of 11 metric tons or 220 bags)
Quality & Price : Super quality and low price


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