Red chilli powder is an inevitable spice of most of the Indian dishes. Indian spicy food preparations of almost any kind get a touch of red chilli powder for a bright red color and a hot, tongue tingling flavor.

Pramoda Exim Corporation is the leading exporter and supplier of all forms of chillies including green chillies, red chillies, dried chillies and also the red chilli powder. We can source you the finest quality red chilli powder without any impurities. We export quality chilli powder across the globe in all quantities and also supply on container basis according to the customer requirements.



Product Name : Red Chili Powder
Color : Bright red
Pungency in SHU : 8,000-1,00,000 (Heat)
Size : 40 to 60 mesh
Packing : In New PP Bags lined with polyethene Or Paper Bags
Crop : New Crop
Grade : A,B,C
Shipment : Within 8 days after signing the sale contract
Quality : The best
Origin : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Variety : Teja / S17, Baydgi, 334/ S4,341,DD and Endo-5


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