Pramoda Exim Corporation is one of the leading Coriander Exporters, Suppliers, ManufacturersCORIANDER SEED in India. I am Exporter like Ground Coriander, Coriander Spice, Cilantro Seeds, Cilantro Spice.

Dhania is a native of Mediterranean and commercially Produced in India, Morocco, Russia, East European countries, France, Central America, Mexico, and the USA. Coriander is a tropical crop and can be successfully cultivated as a rabi season crop in an area free from severe frost during February when the crop flowers and sets its seeds.


Product Specifications:

coriander seed of Indian origin with following specifications coriander to be necessarily machine cleaned

Moisture : 11% to 12%max
Foreign matter : 1% max
Damaged &discolored seeds : 1% max
Shrivelled seeds : 2%max
Weevil seeds : 0.5%max
Coriander splits : 4% to 6%
Live infestation : not allowed


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