Black Pepper

Extracted from the peppercorns of the vine piper nigrum, black pepper is one of the most widely used spices all over the world. It has a sharp spicy flavor and adds good nutritional value to food.

Not only food, black pepper has several science backed health benefits too when used in proper proportions in daily diet. It has piperine, a potent anti-oxidant that prevents free radical damage to body cells. It’s also known to have valuable anti-inflammatory effects and helps improve blood sugar metabolism while lowering your cholesterol levels. Apart from these, it’s a good pain reliever, gut health promoter and is also known to improve the absorption of essential nutrients when added in food.

Pramoda Exim Corporation is the leading supplier, exporter and manufacturer of black pepper in India. We can source you the best quality black pepper that too at affordable rates. Whatever be your requirement, in whatever quantity you need, we can supply quality black pepper in whole or grounded form to best suit your requirements. Just contact us and we shall deliver black pepper to you through a hassle-free process.


Product Specifications

Grades : MG1, 500 g/ l, 550 g/l
Moisture : 11% max
Light Pepper : 9% max
Other Matter : 0.5% max
Tolerance : 0.5% max
Origin : India
Packing : 25 kg pp bag


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