Basmati Rice

The long and sleek grains of Basmati rice look so good when cooked and adding to it is a pleasant aroma that makes you fall in love with it. When it comes to the production of Basmati rice, nearly 70% of Basmati is cultivated in India especially in northern states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar.

The best fact about Basmati is that it’s doesn’t get as sticky as other rice varieties and has a really soft and fluffy texture. It has a very distinct flavor and hence has the ability to uplift the level of any ordinary meal too. In India, it’s used in preparation of variety of rice dishes like biryani, pulao etc. and is served in occasions, events and restaurants.

Pramoda Exim Corporation brings to you the best quality, long grain Basmati rice that’s free of all sorts of adulteration. We are the leading Basmati rice suppliers and exporters in India sourcing the fine, long grain white rice in bulk and customized quantities just as required by the customers. Being the Basmati rice wholesalers in India, we also offer Basmati rice at a reasonable wholesale rates thereby passing on the price advantage to our customers. Hence, if you have any need of sourcing Basmati rice in or from India, then contact us to get your order delivered conveniently at your doorsteps and that too within the timeline.


Product introduction:

Product Name : Sella 1121
Broken : 5%,10%,25%,50%,100%
Admixture : 0.5%max
Length : 8.35 mm
Packing : 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg,25 kg and 50 kg in pp/jute
Crop : New Crop
Grade : Basmati
Shipment : Within 10days after signing in the sale contract
Origin : India
Variety : Sella 1121
Quality : The best

Product Specification

Product : Basmati rice 1121
Moisture : 14%max
Size : 8.40 MM
Verities : Basmati
Colour : white
Paddy grain : 0.5% max
Crop : new crop
Chalky kernels : 4.0%max
Red and streaked kernels : 1.0%max
Yellow kernels : 1%max
Damaged kernels : 1%max
Quality & price : Super quality and low price


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