Chilli Seed

Pramoda Exim Corporation is the leading supplier of red chillies and its forms including chilli powder, chilli flakes and also the chilli seeds. We source machine cleaned habanero seeds, cayenne pepper seeds and red chilli seeds according to customer requirements. Whatever type of red chilli seeds you need whether Byadgi chilli seeds, Teja chilli seeds, 334 chilli seeds or wrinkle 273 chilli seeds, we have them all fine cleaned, quality checked and free from impurities. Our chilli seeds are of best quality yet affordably priced and therefore are in best demand in Indian and International markets.

We take orders of all sizes and can meet your needs within time and without hassles for sure. So, contact us now to get the finest range of chilli seeds according to your requirements.


Chilli seeds Product details

Product Name : Chilli seed
Colour : Normal Yellow
Heat(SHU) : 10,000 – 80,000
Moisture : 10-13% Max
Packing details : 25 kg & 50 Kg pp bags
Grade : A,B,C
Shipment : Within 8 days after signing of sale contact
Origin of place : Guntur, A.P, India
Varieties : Teja seeds, 334 seed, and Baydgi seeds
Quality : The best
Shape : Round
Crop : New crop

Specification of products:

Product Name : Red pepper seed
Moisture : 11-12% max
Admixture : 1% Max
Moisture : 10-13% Max
Variety : Teja seed, 334 seed, Baydgi seed,273 seed
Grade : A
Colour : Normal Yellow
SHU (Hotness) : 8,000 – 90,000 max
Crop : 2016
Diameter : 2-4% MM
Quality : Super quality and low price
Packing : 25kgs / 50kgs in PP bag


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