Pramoda Exim corporation is one of the leading Exporters, Suppliers, Manufacturers GRAINS  from India.grainsOn the one hand, relying on the strength of Green Revolution strategy and having emerged as an Exporter of Grain and food products, the government is keen to enact a Food Security law to ensure availability of food grain to every individual in the country. On the other hand, the weaknesses in the implementation of the strategy are showing up in a glaring manner. One such instance is the huge losses of procured food grains for want of proper storage facilities.

The need of the hour is to increase the productivity of grain and build an effective supply chain to Ensure what is produced on the farm reaches the consumer in good shape. In fact, what is imperative is to plug every loophole in the food production and distribution system, which means a use of effective available technology and building of modern storage system.

India has over 5100 Rice mills, 1120 Flour milling plants in organized sector apart from over 2000 in small-scale, 200 Soybean plants, 2100 Spices crushing plants, 2135 Pulses mill, 3200 Oil seeds crushing units, 2000 Feed Units, 100 Bio-fuel and energy projects, 1000 Coffee plants etc., which are looking for new and better technology to upgrade their manufacturing, processing, packaging line. Grains Tech India 2016 will seek to reduce the technological gap existing in processing and supply chain.