Pramoda Exim is one of the leading  Exporters, Suppliers, Manufacturers of CINNAMON from India. The Commercial products of Cinnam are quills, quillings, feathering, chips, bark oil and Cinnam leaf oil. Quills are scraped peel off the inner bark of the mature Cinnamn shoots7, joined together with overlapping tubes, the hollow of which has been filled with smaller pieces of Cinnamon peels which are dried first in the sun and thereafter in the shade. Quillings are broken pieces and splits of all grades of Ceylon Cinnamn quills.bark is a popular spice with a delicate fragrance and a warm agreeable taste.

Quality and service:

Pramoda Exim Corporation is one of the leading company of cinnamon exporters in India.

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Company introduction:

Pramoda Exim Corporation from India famous in  cinnamon suppliers throughout the world

We have own warehouse

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All material is dried we have well-specified staff and workers